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Tool and Die Manufacturing and Setup

Advanced Air employs the latest technology processes to develop and manufacture tools and dies according to your requirements. We are leading manufacturers of custom made fan products, impeller products and blower products. We use high quality state of art molding machines and computer controlled CNC machines that meet all significant standards.

Our manufacturing system has innumerous advantages like

  • Design and development support
  • Personalized desk support by experienced personnel
  • Advanced in house CAD/CAM capabilities
  • CNC machining services
  • State of art molding equipments
  • Quality control
  • Committed management team
  • Continuous development

Our tool manufacturing unit has unique capabilities in design and fabrication of custom made tools. We create 3D designs for these tools using CAD (computer aided designing). Our advanced in-house CAD capabilities allow us to design and print according to your specifications.

Our high technology injection molded fan blades uses innovative manufacturing facilities to meet all AAI standards. At Advanced Air, quality control is done in accordance with international standards.Visual inspection of all the processes and finished products at both the production and delivery stage is done periodically.

We have a special customer support team to ensure that your demands are met and expectations are exceeded. Specially designed computer software is used to assign, determine root cause, status and track history on manufacturing problems. A computerized "Calibration Recall System" maintains the status and history of tool room and manufacturing measuring devices.


  • Plastic Fan Blades and Plastic Fans
  • Custom Plastic Fan Blades and Plastic Fans
  • Plastic Impellers
  • Custom Plastic Impellers
  • Plastic Blower Wheels
  • Custom Plastic Blower Wheels
  • Plastic Fan Guards & Shrouds

Equipment List

  • State of the art molding equipment
  • Fully automated CNC machines

QC Process and Certification

  • AAI standards

Part Dimensions

  • 1.375 to 15.25 inches for fan products
  • 1.8750 x 0.3500 to 4.5900 x 1.0600 inches for impeller products
  • 1.9000 x 0.8250 inches to 9.5000 x 2.000 inches for blower products


  • Product design and development support
  • Advanced in house CAD/CAM capabilities
  • CNC machining services
  • State of the art molding equipment
  • AAI standards
  • Custom injection molding

Awards and Recognition

  • “Certified Supplier Awards” from Amana, Magnetek, and Thomas Industries
  • Award for Excellence in Engineering from The DuPont Company
  • AAI standards



The North American Leader in plastic blade and impeller technology. Advanced Air offers custom engineering of injection molded plastics for a wide application range.

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