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Custom Plastic Blower Wheels

Advanced Air offers custom blowers in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and configurations. Blowers are mostly used in fans to produce air at high volume and low pressure. The air is forced to come out along the width of the fan. The blowers that we manufacture give high performance with low noise in your fans. Blowers are used in almost all types of fans like axial fans, centrifugal fans and exhaust fans to blow air in or out. Blowers are used for all drying, cooling, suction and exhaust operations.

Our blowers possess innumerous capabilities like

  • Our blowers possess innumerous capabilities like
  • Double inlet
  • Backward curved parts
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation
  • CAD/CAM support
  • Computer controlled CNC machines
  • State of art injection molded parts

You can either specify your desired tooling list or choose from our current tooling lists that include part sizes ranging from 1.9000 x 0.8250 inches to 9.5000 x 2.000 inches. We manufacture blowers that follow both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations. Blowers with Double inlet options and backward curved parts are also available with us. Generally the finished products are double checked both manually and through software for any flaws and corrected immediately.

Our blowers are manufactured using high quality state of the art injection molding machines. The molds that we use are made of tough metal alloys. Designs for the blowers are developed using computer software like CAD and are directly fed into the manufacturing unit for production. A number of latest technology software like AutoCAD, Photo paint, Microsoft word, Corel draw, Adobe illustrator, Adobe photo shop, Quark express and Adobe PageMaker are used for designing 3D proto-types of components.

Advanced Air offers blowers that meet AAI standards and specifications. We have a special quality control team to ensure this. Also there is a customer support team to help you with any design assistance and support. We do follow a “general inspection plan” by which our well qualified professionals visually inspect all the processes and products at all levels of operations.


The North American Leader in plastic blade and impeller technology. Advanced Air offers custom engineering of injection molded plastics for a wide application range.

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